childhood days.

*If you didn’t kill earthworm with
*If you did’nt play rubber band
*If you never bath in the rain.
*If nobody Told You About India vs Nigeria 99-1
*If your parents didn’t always
monitor your outing
*If you didn’t sleep on the couch
and wake up on the bed.
*those days we go 2 steal cashew nd gauva in d nxt
street n d owners dog com’s 4rm d
bckyrd waitin 4
u 2 com dwn 4rm d tree,,;
*if u didn’t throw ur milk tooth on the roof for the
lizards to take
it and give u new ones *if u didn’t wash your hands
and legs wen going to
*If ΰ didn’t act film in
uncompleted building or under bed.
*if u didn’t do kite.
As a nigerian if u didnt go through all dis den ur
childhood really sucks lol


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